Tila Lučica House

This house has 3 spacious apartments and 4 private rooms with their own bathrooms. Each listing has its own balcony or private outside patio. There is also private guest parking next to the house. Great location, only 1 minute walk to the beach. Really peaceful part of Drašnice, less than 10 minute walk down the coast to town center where you can find bars, restaurants, grocery store and bakery.

Apartments Soline

This house has 3 apartments. Each apartment can be booked for itself, or if you have larger groups you can combine 2 or 3 apartments together. Old style house located literally 20 meters from the beach and at the town center. Bars, restaurants, grocery store and bakery are all within 1 minute walk. Ideal option if you are looking for a simple apartment right next to the beach.

Some useful information about apartments & booking

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