Tila Lučica House

This house has 3 spacious apartments and 4 private rooms with their own bathrooms. Each listing has its own balcony or private outside patio. There is also private guest parking next to the house. Great location, only 1 minute walk to the beach. Really peaceful part of Drašnice, less than 10 minute walk down the coast to town center where you can find bars, restaurants, grocery store and bakery.

Apartments Soline

This house has 3 apartments. Each apartment can be booked for itself, or if you have larger groups you can combine 2 or 3 apartments together. Old style house located literally 20 meters from the beach and at the town center. Bars, restaurants, grocery store and bakery are all within 1 minute walk. Ideal option if you are looking for a simple apartment right next to the beach.

Some useful information about apartments & booking

Please read description before you send us an inquiry, it will help you to get sense why this listing is here,
who we are, and what to expect. In this description you will find lots of answers on your questions that you might have. 🙂


The main reason I have this listing in here is because we have dozen apartments,
and if dates are blocked you will not be able to find us. 
This way you can contact me and we can help you to find the apartment that will be the best for you.
Each apartment is private and has its own kitchen and bathroom.
Each room comes with private bathroom and balcony (there is no kitchen).
Wi-Fi is the fastest as it can be in Croatia and it is included in the price.
We also have private parking next to our apartments which is also included in the price.

CAR – Once you made the reservation I will send you the video of how to get to the apartment to help you to get to the apartment, and you can use your GPS and search for “Apartments Leut Drašnice”.
BUS – let me know where you will be departing from and I will help you with directions since I am probably more familiar with buses in Croatia then you are :). This will save you time for sure.
AIRPLANE – if you are flying in I would suggest you to fly to Split. Split is the closest airport, and probably the most convenient one. You could go through Dubrovnik as well. Zagreb might be an option, but then you will need to drive for another 4 hours, or ride on the bus for 6.5 hours. From the airport you can either rent a car, get an Uber, get a taxi, or you can take a bus. If choosing to go with taxi, we can have it organized for you. If choosing to go with a bus, you will need to take 2 buses – one from the airport to downtown Split, and the other one from downtown Split to Drašnice. From there we can pick you up from the bus station, or you can just walk down the road.
FERRY – There are 2 ferries that come from Italy. One goes from Bari to Dubrovnik, and the other one is from Ancona to Split. Both of them are overnight ferries. You can look up for “Jadrolinija” and find these 2 ferries. 

Beaches are made of soft, small stones, pebbles. There are 5 bigger beaches in the town, but there are also around 30 small private ones 15 minute walk from the apartment where you can enjoy the beauty of Dalmatian coast in total privacy!

Parking comes with the apartment and it is included in the price. We have a parking garage and parking lot that can fit as many cars as you will be arriving with.

Parking comes with the apartment and it is included in the price. Private parking spot for this apartment is located 50m walking distance from the apartment. 

No problem! Drašnice has harbor and your boat can be put in the sea in Drašnice as well.

  • To make things easy for both sides, I would suggest you to write down in message:
  • How many people are you requesting the apartment for
  • How many days are you looking to rent the apartment for
  • Are you anyhow flexible with dates
  • How many adults, how many kids (if any, how old)
  • What are other things that might concern you about the apartment, things that you are looking for (beaches, Wi-Fi air conditioner, price).
  • Please contact me and I will be happy to provide you more information. If you have any questions for me, I am here to answer them.
  • I will get to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.


Enjoy the best possible vacation for your family